Common features

These are features common accross all cloudEdge business Software Editions.

This feature enables you keep track of your customer information, ranging from contacts to emails and customer status.
Efficient, accurate and timely tax invoice and statement of accounts processing that saves your business from drowning in a sea of paper and endless confusion. Strengthen your relationships with customers to improve efficiency and increase compliance.
This feature enables you keep track of recieved payments from customers and generate a reciept for the payment recieved.
Tracking inventory can be tedious, complicated, and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be! CloudEdge was created out of the need for a more simple, intuitive application that seamlessly enables you keep track of your stock during the process of buying and selling. generate stock reports to ensure you are on track.
This feature enables you to record and capture all your business expenses. expense tracking allows you to know the true health of your business.
Many reports are included in the application. Reports such as : tax invoices, account statements, inventory reports, list of debtors, list of creditors and many more

CloudEdge Station Edition

If you run a petrol station, you will realise these features apply in your company seamlessly

CloudEdge Station Edition effectively manages all processes, from fuel pumps to dipp stick readings and gets you closer to sales analysis reports of your business operation. Advanced automation features eliminate repetitive, inefficient tasks to ensure you and your staff members are focused on the tasks that really matter..
Generate sales reports by operation shifts, by product and as well as keep track of your stock card report.